Prayer for school year

A new school year has started or is getting ready to. I have no children in the school system but I will be praying anyway. Won't you pray for the schools? Prayer for school year Father, thank You for the privilege of bringing these children before Your throne. Jesus thank You that You are praying... Continue Reading →


We Too by Mary DeMuth Book Review

"We Can Make A Difference" This is my first time reading anything by this author. I love how authentic she is about her life and faith in this book. I feel everyone should have a copy of this book in their home. While it isn't an easy read. It does address a topic than many... Continue Reading →

Thankful Reminder

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday. I share with you today as a reminder to be thankful for daily provision. And to keep doing good as you have an opportunity. Thankful that at almost 63 years old my husband is still able to work every day despite the limitations he battles. We've always... Continue Reading →

Detoured by Jen  Babakhan Book Review

"Refreshing View of Motherhood" I love the authenticity with which this author wrote about motherhood. She doesn't promise it's a rose garden. But she does give many examples of the joys it has been for her family. Along with the trails they've faced. She reminds women that each family is different. What may work for... Continue Reading →


Happy Independence Week in the states folks. We will be celebrating July 4, Thursday as well as my birthday the Saturday after the 4th. It is Summertime which can be a more active time. And at the same time a more relaxing, laid back time. With that being said, beginning this month I will be... Continue Reading →

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