Do You Have A Favorite

Do you have a favorite time of the day? A time when you feel more relaxed or more productive. I don't really have a favorite time of the day. I do have qualities that when they're in place that help me enjoy a day more. Some days it's when everything feels peaceful. Some days it's when... Continue Reading →


Do you agree or disagree? I agree though I don't always remember to follow through. It reminds me of the verse in James 1:19 that says: "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry" In some cases less is better.... Continue Reading →

3 Encouraging Verses

We are all better off when encouraging words are spoken to us, over us or by us. There are many encouraging verses in the Bible to meditate on and memorize. Below are 3 of my favorite encouraging verses. What Bible verses encourage you? "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to... Continue Reading →

More Positive

Most of us have probably heard the saying "Look for the good." But some days it's like "Really." We know that looking for the good means to look for the positive. But some days all the little irritations are building up until it's hard to see anything positive. That's when if I stop long enough to think, ... Continue Reading →


If I asked 100 different people "what is love?" I'd feel safe in estimating I'd have 100 different answers. I'm sure some would say, "love is a strong emotion." While I do believe love can have strong emotions mixed in it I do not believe that is a whole definition of love. Some may say "love is... Continue Reading →

What can you dwell on

I live in area that has been soaked with rain the past few days. And it continues to fall today, with a possibility of some thunderstorms or severe weather. It's dark and dreary and to be honest it's not easy to think of encouraging thoughts to think on. But then I recall that the Bible says: "Finally,... Continue Reading →

Multitasking is it benefitual

Multitasking is something a lot of us do each day.  Probably most of us do it several times a day, sometimes without realizing we are. Multitasking like a lot of things may be useful in moderation. The general consensus seems to be if we multitask we can get more done. To me it's became a... Continue Reading →

What is that one thing?

What is that one thing you can do for another person today to brighten their day a little? Will you extend a smile? Will you share a kind word? Will you instead of spouting out that angry reply,  answer calmly and politely? Will you let someone go before you in line? Will you look for... Continue Reading →

Take time to be grateful

What are you grateful for today? Look at the picture and think on the word the catches your eye first.  The first word that catches my eye is grateful. At this moment I am grateful to be able to write this short post with hopes of inspiring and encouraging you to look for gratitude. I... Continue Reading →

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