2019 Holiday Lessons I Learned:

It seems God was teaching me some things with the 2019 holidays. The holidays, especially Christmas are not my favorite time of the year. Yes, I own that. A wise young adult told me it's not the holidays that I dislike so much, it's the way people behave. I realized she is right. I prayed... Continue Reading →

May We Remember

We all know Christmas is Wednesday. I pray you have a Merry Christmas.🎄 Most of all I pray as we interact with others we'll remember not everyone sees this time of the year the same. Some look forward to it, while others dread it for varies reasons. I hope we'll remember the person we are... Continue Reading →

One Of My Favorite Things

We are 9 days away from Christmas. I pray that we remember Christmas is about Immanuel- God with us as He is everyday of the year. I love to get new throws. This is one I purchased this season. You may be thinking what does a throw, even a pretty one have to do with... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Gift

Last year I had the opportunity to have something done I've want for a while. Have the tree with the Angel and lights only on it up for a few days before the decorations were added. That new tradition continues this year. When I look at it I am reminded that many years ago an... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving Week

It's Thanksgiving Week in the states. A lot of folks will be traveling to visit family and friends. To share meals together maybe even do some Christmas shopping. Some will be sad as they remember loved ones no longer here. Please remember to be sensitive to those around you as you celebrate. Thanksgiving is my... Continue Reading →

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