The Choice by Robert Whitlow Book Review

"Choices Are Not Always Easy" I discovered this author's books a few weeks ago I love the way he tells a believable story that has God involved in it. Christian authors who cause the reader to think about what they're reading are always a great find in my book anyways. The choice is about 2... Continue Reading →


Daniel Generation Godly Leadership in an Ungodly Culture by Jolene Erlacher Book Review

"Past and Present Unite to bring the Word" 4 Stars I hadn't read anything by this author before but I am glad I had the opportunity to read this. Let's face it the world has changed a lot, in most of our lifetimes. The author shares a Biblical perspective, using the book of Daniel, to... Continue Reading →

Daniel Generation

Order Daniel Generation by September 15, 2018 and receive four free videos by the author discussing challenges and opportunities in leading across generations! Order a bulk purchase of Daniel Generation (5 or more copies) for your team and receive five free training videos, a leader guide to facilitate group discussions, and a participant guide for... Continue Reading →

Overwhelm is Not The Boss of Us

I hadn't read anything by this author before but I enjoyed reading this book and will look for more by her. She shares stories of family and friends lives which often tell how "Overwhelm" with it's many different sides can convince us to believe lies. To think there is no hope and things can not... Continue Reading →

It’s Momplicated

Being a Mom or daughter is one of the most loving or hurtful and/or everything in between relationships we'll ever be in, one that continues our whole life. I am on the launch team for this book which releases in early Sept. It is one of those books you'll turn to in different seasons of... Continue Reading →

Shame Off You

A good podcast to listen to especially i the culture we live in. Recognizing shame for what it is might not be so easy, but when we get down to the roots of shame, we can then begin to rid ourselves of shame which is imperative to living a fruitful Christian live. Listen in to... Continue Reading →

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